Chicken Recipes

Chicken is the most consumed meat around the world. With chickens being bred for dual purpose – meat and eggs, they are in hot demand and provide a cheap, low fat and high protein source of meat that can be adapted and included into a whole host of meals. In this article we take a look at cuisines around the world and see how chicken has been utilised in their recipes.

USA – Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Famed for their Buffalo sauce, this is the American take on the chicken burger. Using a ground chicken breast, buffalo wing sauce, ranch dressing and cheese, this tangy dish is leaner than the typical beef burger and provides a unique and original taste and flavour.

India – Chicken Makhani

A dish full of flavour and a take on buttered chicken. This can be made spicy or mild depending on preference – just change the amount of cayenne pepper that is added in. Serve with basmati rice and naan bread. Using a passata, cream and butter base for the sauce, with chilli powder, cayenne pepper and cumin for the main flavouring, the chicken has to be cooked separately with the spices first and then added to the main dish. Easy to make and rich and filling

Italy – Chicken & Mushroom Pasta

Fast, cheap and filling. The Italians are famed for their pasta and this dish is packed full of protein and flavour. Using butter, spinach, cream, cheese and mushrooms for the sauce, then sauce is allowed to thicken naturally, incorporating flour as required. Heated in a pan separately with herbs and spices, the chicken is added in once the pasta is cooked.

China – Chicken Chow Mein

Another fast dish that mimics the famous takeaway meal. A large number of Chinese meals are fast to cook due to being created in a high heat wok or frying pan. With egg noodles as the main source of carbs, chicken breasts are used and are infused with the flavour of garlic, onions, sesame seed oil and light soy sauce. Red peppers are added for colouring and flavour.

Spain – Chicken With Chorizo & Potatoes

A very simple dish with few ingredients. Bursting full of flavour with the strong taste of chorizo complimenting the chicken. Potatoes, chicken thigh, sliced chorizo and red onions and the staple ingredients of this meal which is slow cooked in one tray. Zest of orange is added to give the meal the Mediterranean tang and freshness.

These are just a few examples of the hundreds of meals that can be made using chicken. It is important to choose good quality and fresh chicken. Warning lights to poor quality chicken are bad smells, green colours and excess slime, which indicates the chickens are far from fresh. Local butchers and independent traders can often be the best choice when buying chicken, as they are likely to be free range, good quality and a fair price. Furthermore, they are less likely to have been treated with preservatives or additives when purchased from these stores.


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