Chicken – Spotting Quality and Quality Recipes

Chicken is one of the most consumed meats in the world. It is high in protein, low in fat, does not come with some of the potential health risks of red meat and is generally cheap. Readily available in most areas of the world, chicken is a versatile meat that can add value to virtually any dish. But how can good quality chicken be spotted? What separates the Michelin star free range from the supermarket smart price? In this article, we discuss how to identify and distinguish good and bad quality chicken. A series of different recipes and ideas are then presented, to help you create some delicious meals.

How To Spot Good Quality Chicken?

  • Smell – If it smells bad, it usually is bad. Good chicken should not have a particularly strong smell.
  • Colour –  Any green on the chicken, and disregard it immediately
  • Texture – There should be no slime on the chicken, either externally, or internally. A good way to check it to reach under the neck with a finger
  • Free Range – Free range chickens have lived a better quality of life and normally taste better

Colourings on the chickens tend to vary with age and breed. A good quality chicken or part of it can usually be found at a local butchers. Butchers are experts in handling chickens and do not use some of the preservatives or other artificial ingredients that others do. Chickens will be fresh, usually free range and will have been cut professionally.

Now for some delicious recipes.

Chicken Stir Fry With Pak Choi

A quick and easy dish to make, which is packed full of the good stuff. Most of the ingredients use cook very quickly, so it is essential to be organised when making this dish. Green beans, wild mushrooms and chives make up the bulk of the vegetables and are the chicken is seasoned with parsley, tarragon, chives and soy sauce. Red chilli is used to give the dish a little bit of the kick and all of the ingredients infuse into diced chicken perfectly.

Roast Chorizo Chicken

A mega dose of protein and flavour, with chorizo and chicken being used in the same dish. Potatoes, chicken thighs and chorizo are placed in the oven with smoke paprika and cinnamon. Add tomatoes, thyme, garlic and parsley and this easy dish will come out with the flavours mixed beautifully.

Chicken & Pea Risotto

A classic, but if made right, a beautiful meal. Peas, spinach and asparagus provide a healthy dose of vitamins and nutrients and their flavours compliment the creamy white wine sauce well. The chicken is diced and fried with olive oil, pepper and salt in a frying pan until lightly browned.

Chicken Satay Thighs With Lemon & Honey

A great snack, starter at a party, or as a main course with accompaniments. This recipe is easy to make and utilises the sweetness of honey with the sharpness of lemon. Simply poor a lemon and honey mixture over a chicken and roast it. Voila.


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